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JUNE 12TH, 2024


The best way to predict your future is to create it.


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💻️ COMPUTER PROBLEMS: MacDaddy (my MacBook Air) is finally back up-and-running after being revived from computer problems. Though I was not surprised as the Mac is six-years old, I was surprised with how much creativity can be acquired when away from the computer for a bit of time. And so my message to us all as we come back together on this Wednesday is to enjoy our LA outdoors as much as we possibly can, especially as the temperatures continue to climb.

Onto today’s good vibes! 🔽 



☕️ WATCH: Over one-hundred robots work together to serve patrons at a South Korean Starbucks. Link fixed, 10:25am. TY!

🐘 MY NAME IS: Elephants call each other by name, study finds.

🤖 APPLE X OPENAI: Apple unveils partnership with OpenAI, and AI may have just had its iPhone moment.

🔉 3D AUDIO: Nokia makes first phone call with 3D spatial audio.

🎰 VEGAS HOT AF: The first third of June 2024 has been the hottest in Las Vegas history.




KTLA’s Sam Rubin to posthumously receive Governors Award at L.A. Area Emmys + UCLA PEERS Clinic honors Sam Rubin with scholarship in his name.

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is elevating its culinary scene with Snackville, a new food area featuring five unique dining options curated by Michelin-starred Chef James Kent. 

Average LA County gas prices continue to drop, dropping to lowest amounts since early March.

Kalaveras has opened its latest location in the heart of Downtown Burbank, marking its 25th Southern California spot.

The French Bulldog is the most popular dog breed in Los Angeles.

Denny’s will celebrate the grand opening of its Rosemead location next Tuesday, June 18th.

The Women’s Leadership Symposium & Awards show takes place tomorrow morning, 8:00am - 2:30pm, at the Intercontinental in DTLA.

Hollywood's culinary scene just got brighter as Lord Maynard Llera of Kuya Lord was honored with the James Beard Award for Best Chef: California on Monday.

The Courtyard is the place to be on select Saturdays this June and July, where you can catch complimentary screenings of beloved musicals and blockbuster hits.

Nalu Vida Bar and Restaurant will have their grand opening in Venice next Tuesday, June 18th from 6:00pm - 2:00am.

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This National Geographic series takes audiences aboard the OceanXplorer, OceanX’s state-of-the-art scientific research and exploration vessel, to investigate the farthest frontiers of the world’s oceans, 80% of which are entirely unknown.

Armed with advanced technology, a hand-picked team of intrepid explorers and scientists, National Geographic Explorers and other ocean experts embark on a global odyssey to solve some of the ocean’s greatest mysteries through the lives of its animals and their ecosystems.

The ship sets sail on a grand adventure – traveling to the depths of the Atlantic in the Azores, diving into the shallows of the Bahamas and warm waters of the Caribbean before embarking north to the frigid arctic shores of Svalbard, Norway.

OCEANXPLORERS provides an immersive look at an underwater world of wonder with incredible discoveries that push the boundaries of exploration and our understanding of the ocean like never before. 



 👨‍🦳 FATHER’S DAY PREVIEW: Enjoy Father’s Day specials from 11am-2pm and 5pm-9pm at SALT at Marina del Rey Hotel. The specials include Baby Back Ribs, Mary’s BBQ Half Chicken, Surf & Turf, and delicious sides such as Lobster Tail, Truffles Fries, and Lobster Mac and Cheese. Limited brunch and Make a reservation HERE.

Beachside Restaurant & Bar at Jamaica Bay Inn will also partake in Father’s Day specials from 10:00am - 10:00pm. Specials include BBQ Salmon Sandwich, Prime Rib Roast, Rosemary Pork Tenderloin, and Peach Cobbler. Reservations can be made HERE. | 💌 

And more Father’s Day Specials coming up on Friday

🏆️ HOLLYWOOD: Hollywood's culinary scene just got brighter as Lord Maynard Llera of Kuya Lord was honored with the James Beard Award for Best Chef: California on Monday. Kuya Lord, which started as a series of pre-pandemic pop-ups, now delights diners with ‘Filipino food done my way,’ featuring regional dishes from Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines. Chef Llera’s classical techniques elevate traditional Filipino cuisine.

🥤 REUSABLE CUP PROGRAM: Crypto.com Arena and Peacock Theater are embracing sustainability by adopting a full-time reusable drinking cup program. AEG, in partnership with hospitality provider Levy, will replace all single-use cups at these venues with products from r.World. The process involves collecting used plastic cups in specially-marked bins, cleaning them at a nearby r.World industrial wash hub facility, and then returning them to the venues. The program officially launches during the Los Angeles Sparks WRNBA game at Crypto.com Arena on August 15, along with the Young Miko concert at the Peacock Theater on the same night.

☕️ STARBUCKS GETS CREATIVE: Starbucks has unveiled Starbucks Studios to bolster creativity + storytelling. Partnering with Hollywood’s Sugar23, Starbucks Studio will produce original content, spotlighting emerging artists and curators who inspire and unite us. Christy Cain, VP of brand and partnerships marketing for Stabucks, emphasizes the mission to nurture human connection, while Sugar23's CEO, Michael Sugar, celebrates the collaboration’s potential to inspire change and community. 💌 


🎡 SANTA MONICA: Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is elevating its culinary scene with Snackville, a new food area featuring five unique dining options curated by Michelin-starred Chef James Kent. Snackville opened on June 7th and takes over the former oceanfront food plaza with offerings like Smashie’s Burgers, Mr. Nice Fry, eegee’s, Churrita Churro, and Scoops Creamery. Each spot promises delectable treats, from charbroiled burgers and a variety of fries to real fruit drinks and gourmet churros. SC Holdings, the new operator, is investing ten million dollars to enhance Pacific Park's food and entertainment experiences over the next five years. | 💌 

🍕 DOWNEY: The masterminds behind Downey Pizza Company are gearing up to launch Smiley’s, a chic modern Italian restaurant, in the heart of Downtown Downey by February or March of next year. Smiley’s will be located at 10919 Downey Avenue, transforming a former copier/printer repair shop into a stylish dining spot, complete with a 756-square foot extension to the original two thousand square-foot space.

🇲🇽 WOODLAND HILLS: Más Mañanitas in Woodland Hills opened on May 1st. This Woodland Hills eat is the brainchild of first-time restaurateurs Johanna Martinez, her wife Kathy Martinez, and sister-in-law Karmin Padilla. Johanna, a Le Cordon Bleu alum with 22 years of culinary experience, harmonizes traditional recipes with contemporary twists. Signature dishes include Tio Tilo’s Birria and a unique Queso Birria Pizza.

🌯 DOWNTOWN BURBANK: Kalaveras has opened its latest location in the heart of Downtown Burbank, marking its 25th Southern California spot. Kalaveras’ vibrant atmosphere, inspired by El Dia de Los Muertos, features colorful decor, art, and music. Diners can enjoy classic dishes like barbacoa and carnitas, as well as creative options such as Enchiladas Verdes and Tacos Gobernador. This prime location, formerly a restaurant, boasts excellent visibility and convenient parking. Kalaveras joins a growing list of new eateries in Downtown Burbank, including Artelice Patisserie and Silverlake Ramen.

🥞 ROSEMEAD: Denny’s will celebrate the grand opening of its Rosemead location next Tuesday, June 18th. The new location, 1021 San Gabriel Boulevard, is located across from the Central City Community Health Center. The first one hundred guests will receive a collectible Denny’s coffee mug and free coffee for a month on their return visits. The grand opening will also feature menu items: Strawberry Stuffed French Toast and Berry Waffle Slam. All the fun at the grand opening begins Tuesday at 9:00am, with the diner staying open 24/7 onwards. | Sign up for Denny’s Rewards | 💌 

🛒 MELROSE HILL: Los Angeles is buzzing with the latest addition to the shoppy shop trend: LA Grocery & Cafe, a new market and cafe in Melrose Hill, that officially opened earlier this month on the 3rd. Helmed by two Honey Hi alums, the 6,000-square-foot space that once housed Produce for Less has been transformed by real estate developer Zach Lasry and his team, keeping the community spirit alive. The centerpiece? A vibrant produce section featuring local farms like Tamai and Tutti Frutti. Catering to diverse budgets, the store offers organic staples alongside gourmet delights and plans to accept EBT soon. The cafe, showcasing farmers market produce and avoiding waste, offers delicious meals from breakfast to dinner. With a focus on local hiring and affordable pricing, LA Grocery & Cafe aims to serve the Melrose Hill community authentically.

🌊 VENICE: Nalu Vida Bar and Restaurant will have their grand opening in Venice next Tuesday, June 18th from 6:00pm - 2:00am. On-hand will be DJ Joesh Savage mixing the jams, professional photographers for photo opts, and drink specials all day + night. The eatery’s menu features Polynesian + Latin curations with kimchi furikake cones packed with poke, lomi lomi, and beets for vegan patrons. Other edibles include tostadas de la tierra, arepas, and their signature fried adobo chicken sandwich. | RSVP | 💌 

  • 🍹 Beach Bar + Restaurant: Various curations

  • 📸 Instagram | 😋 Food |🍹Drinks 


🏀 INTUIT DOME: Here’s everything that you’ll eat at The Clippers’ new Intuit Dome, via LA Taco. And via CBS News.

💸 CATERING GRANTS: For the first time ever, caterers are eligible for a five thousand dollar grant, via The Business Journal.

🍔 BREAKFAST FOOD: Irv’s Burgers has unveiled a new breakfast menu, via NBC4.


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📆 NOW - FRIDAY: Things to do this week in Los Angeles, via We Like L.A.

🪰 MOSQUITOES: Mosquitoes can ruin a hike. Here’s how to stop them, via Los Angeles Times.

🏖️ SUMMER ITEMS: The Ultimate LA Summer 2024 Bucket List, via Camber on Instagram.


Via CuratedLA Ai

🧘‍♀️ GOAT YOGA: Looking for a unique, fun, and Instagram-worthy date idea in Los Angeles? Look no further than Baby Goat Yoga! Combining the tranquility of yoga with the playful energy of baby goats, this activity is not only a fantastic way to de-stress but also an unforgettable way to bond with your date.

What is Baby Goat Yoga?

Baby Goat Yoga involves practicing yoga poses while adorable baby goats wander around, occasionally climbing on participants and offering nuzzles. The presence of these cute creatures adds a joyful and unpredictable element to the session, making it a refreshing twist on traditional yoga.

Benefits of Baby Goat Yoga

1. Stress Relief: Interacting with animals has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. The playful antics of baby goats can lift your spirits and make you laugh, enhancing the relaxation effects of yoga.

2. Physical Exercise: Yoga itself is a great way to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Adding baby goats to the mix encourages you to maintain focus and adaptability.

3. Social Interaction: Whether you're a yoga novice or a seasoned practitioner, Baby Goat Yoga is a social activity that can help break the ice and foster connection through shared laughter and experiences.

Why It's a Great Date Idea

1. Memorable Experience: A Baby Goat Yoga session is far from a typical date. It’s a fun and memorable way to spend time together, ensuring you both have something unique to talk about afterward.

2. Natural Ice Breaker: The novelty and cuteness of baby goats provide an instant conversation starter. Their unpredictable behavior can lead to spontaneous moments of shared amusement and bonding.

3. Relaxed Atmosphere: The laid-back setting of a Baby Goat Yoga session can help alleviate the pressures of a first date, allowing both of you to relax and enjoy each other's company in a stress-free environment.

Where to Find Baby Goat Yoga in Los Angeles

1. Laughing Frog Yoga: Located in Santa Monica, Laughing Frog Yoga offers regular Baby Goat Yoga sessions. The serene setting and professional instructors make it a popular choice.

2. Hello Critter: Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Hello Critter organizes various animal yoga sessions, including Baby Goat Yoga. Their events are well-coordinated, ensuring a delightful experience.

3. Party Goats LA: This mobile service brings the goats to various scenic locations around Los Angeles, providing a unique backdrop for your yoga session. Check their schedule to find the next session near you.

4. Sunset Ranch Hollywood: Known for its picturesque views, this ranch occasionally hosts Baby Goat Yoga sessions, blending yoga with the stunning backdrop of the Hollywood Hills.

Let’s get that downward dog on, LA. I’ve added upcoming Baby Goat Yoga events to both the trending and big list calendar (above).

Drop a line if you know more about Baby Goat Yoga + other places not listed to where we can play get our yoga on here in Los Angeles.

🏳️‍🌈 DRAG BRUNCH: The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood, a vibrant and modern property, is continuing their Pride celebrations in big ways with a Drag Queen Brunch Summer Series. The property's i|O rooftop (one of the largest rooftops in Los Angeles) will host a fabulous Drag Queen Brunch hosted by Krystal Delite and an iconic DJ set from 11:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday, July 7th and Sunday, August 4th. This not-to-miss extravaganza will boast Chef-crafted brunch bites and mouth-watering cocktails. 💌 

💼 DOWNTOWN: The Women’s Leadership Symposium & Awards show takes place tomorrow morning, 8:00am - 2:30pm, at the Intercontinental in DTLA.

🍿 PASADENA: The Courtyard is the place to be on select Saturdays this June and July, where you can catch complimentary screenings of beloved musicals and blockbuster hits. With free public seating available on a first-come, first-served basis, it’s time to pack your favorite blankets, chairs, and snacks to fully enjoy Movies Under the Stars. Get ready for an unforgettable summer night filled with singing, dancing, and pure movie magic. 💌 

Movie Schedule:


⛳️ PUTT PUTT GOLF: The best putt putt golf in or near Los Angeles, via LifeHacks LA.


📊 PRICE FOR RENT: Los Angeles witnessed a notable three-percent drop in rents over the past year, surpassing declines in San Diego + San Francisco. The median rent for a one-bedroom unit stands at $1,872 and $2,388 for a two-bedroom, compared to the national median of $1,233 and $1,389, respectively. West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and other Southland areas also experienced rent decreases, while Mission Viejo, Orange, and Costa Mesa see increases, as per Apartment List data. | Read further: Apartment rents drop in seven of eleven major California cities, via Connect CRE.

🧊 LOCAL COOLING CENTERS: I’ve complied a mobile-friendly Google Sheet (Excel), that can be viewed in a browser of nearby Los Angeles County + City Cooling Centers. The data was compiled from Ready LA County, but has an accessible option of filters for those that might need to know where to go in the event that they are out-and-about in the heat, A/C goes out, etc. | View Los Angeles City + County Cooling Centers.

☎️ SHAKEALERT APP: The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has rolled out an exciting update to its earthquake alert app, aiming to provide advance notice seconds before some of the strongest earthquakes strike. The ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Detection system, which can detect earthquakes of all sizes, now allows the agency to determine the size of the largest earthquakes more rapidly, ensuring faster alerts to people’s phones. More information on how to sign up and download.

🚒 K9 SUPPORT FOR GLENDALE FD: Meet Cooper, the Glendale Fire Department's first-ever certified wellness canine, who just received his official badge in a special ceremony. This two-year-old goldendoodle is trained to support firefighters during traumatic and high-stress incidents by detecting elevated stress hormones and helping to lower blood pressure and heart rates. Handler Korin Peltier highlights Cooper’s vital role in maintaining the mental well-being of his human colleagues. Follow Cooper’s journey on Instagram.

💸 GRANTS FOR NURSES: A new five-million dollar grant will help Orange County nursing students, like UC Irvine graduate Austin Gonzales, address a 30% nurse vacancy rate by serving their local communities. The nurse-OC program, supported by CalOptima, offers stipends to over sixty students from underrepresented backgrounds and requires a two-year commitment to work in Orange County, aiming to close health disparity gaps and improve access to care.

💼 BEVERLY HILLS: The Beverly Hills City Council has announced vacancies on several city commissions, inviting qualified residents to apply. The deadline to apply is this Friday, June 14th. Open positions listed: Charitable Solicitations Commission, Architectural Commission, Arts and Culture Commission, Health and Safety Commission, and Traffic and Parking Commission. Those interested can apply online or by contacting the City Clerk’s Office at 310-285-2400.


🎥 QUESTION: Would you turn your home over to a Hollywood camera crew for five-thousand dollars a day? via The Hollywood Reporter.


🇰🇷 KOREATOWN: A new residential development at 806 South Manhattan Place in Koreatown is set to bring a seven-story building with 33 apartments, replacing a 1940s residential structure. Spearheaded by Bedrock Property Investors and designed by Archeon Group, the project will feature a mix of studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units, along with ground-floor parking for seven vehicles and a rooftop deck. Leveraging Transit Oriented Communities incentives, the development includes four units reserved for extremely low-income households. Located near 8th Street and Western Avenue, the proposal was recently submitted to the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, though the construction timeline remains undisclosed.

🏥 CEDARS-SINAI: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has received a $100 million donation from philanthropists James and Eleanor Randall and their foundation to expand and rename its surgery department to the James and Eleanor Randall Department of Surgery. This is the third nine-figure gift for the hospital in two years, following substantial donations from the Shapell-Guerin Family Foundation and the estate of Susanne and Ervin Bard. The Randall family's generosity, stemming from James Randall’s success with Allfast Fastening Systems, will bolster the hospital’s surgical capabilities and train future specialists.

💸 SIX PROJECTS FUNDED: California continues to tackle its affordable housing crisis, with the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) awarding $185 million in National Housing Trust Fund grants to 18 projects statewide, creating 1,284 units, 60% for extremely low-income households. Six projects in Los Angeles County received $83 million, including A Community of Friends' 80-unit Estrella Azul in Boyle Heights and Venice Community Housing's 78-unit 20th Street Apartments in Santa Monica. These projects, which must adhere to a 55-year affordability pledge, aim to provide long-term housing stability.


🏗️ WESTLAKE: Two affordable housing developments rise back-to-back in Westlake, via Urbanize Los Angeles.


🏀 HARDEN MAKES A SPLASH: James Harden made a splash in the wine world with his J-Harden Wines brand this week. The Clippers star shared with his fans on Instagram that his J-Harden Wines, in collaboration with J-Shed, will now be available in fifteen thousand 7-Eleven Stores.

🤝 AUDITBOARD: The Cerritos-based compliance software firm AuditBoard has agreed to be acquired by London’s equity powerhouse Hg in a three billion-dollar deal. Expected to close within fifty to ninety days, this acquisition will see AuditBoard continue its operations from its Cerritos headquarters, with the executive team remaining intact. “We are not expecting a lot of changes,” said John Reese, AuditBoard’s CMO, emphasizing that the primary goal is to fuel the company’s growth trajectory. The partnership with Hg will provide the necessary support for rapid expansion and technological advancement. Founded in 2014 by ex-auditors Daniel Kim and Jay Lee, AuditBoard has carved a niche in streamlining risk management and compliance for over 2,000 clients, including half of the Fortune 500.

🛫 BURBANK-TO-ATLANTA: Californians can once again book a flight to the busiest airport in the world out of the Hollywood Burbank Airport. Delta Airlines has restored service between Burbank and Atlanta, a route that was discontinued in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first flights on the restored route took off last Friday. With its return, travelers now have more options for connections or easier direct service to the Peach State. Delta will fly daily from Burbank to Atlanta utilizing an Airbus A220-300.

🔥 SONIC BUSINESS BOOMS: The militarization of space has accelerated economic projections, with Vandenberg Space Force Base expected to launch 100 rockets annually by 2025. The burgeoning space industry, employing 222,000 people in the U.S., fuels demand for research facilities, offices, and residential spaces. California, securing half of space investment capital from 2012-2022, sees significant developments, including a two billion-dollar research campus near NASA Ames. Real estate plays a crucial role, with expanding operations like Intuitive Machines and SpaceX driving regional growth. As the industry matures, more infrastructure, including launch and maintenance facilities, will be essential, with states like Texas and Florida vying to compete.


💼 SEVERANCE S2: Apple teased this Season Two image of Severance this past week. This is one of my most favorite shows, and after much speculation, it’s coming back to Apple TV+. Here’s what we need to know, according to the fine folks over at People Magazine.

🎞️ TRIBECA FESTIVAL: Creators are reclaiming their spotlight at New York City’s iconic Tribeca Festival through a new partnership with influencer marketing firm Whalar Group. Launching a creator-focused vertical at this year's event, the initiative had its debut with a talk featuring filmmaker Archie Gips, alongside TikTok stars Brandon Edelman and Coco Mocoe, discussing crucial creator economy topics like engagement and storytelling.

💃 DOLLY: Broadway is gearing up for a new Dolly Parton musical extravaganza titled Hello, I’m Dolly. The country legend is crafting fresh tunes alongside her classic hits for a stage story inspired by her life, aiming for a 2026 debut. Teaming up with Emmy-winning Maria S. Schlatter, known for Christmas on the Square, Parton draws from her illustrious career, which spans movies, books, and numerous Grammy wins, including a Lifetime Achievement Award. The production promises to be a vibrant celebration of her legacy, joining the ranks of Broadway musicals featuring music legends such as Neil Diamond, Carole King, and Michael Jackson.

👱‍♂️ COSTNER: Fox Nation, Fox News' subscription streaming service, is set to release a new Kevin Costner series in early 2025, Axios reports. This project allows Hollywood stars like Costner to explore passion topics such as faith, outdoor living, and true crime, appealing to middle America. The new series, a spinoff of Costner's successful 2022 docuseries Yellowstone: One-Fifty, is developed by Costner's Territory Film Studios and Warm Springs Productions. This venture marks Fox Nation's ongoing shift from news to a broader entertainment platform, featuring collaborations with stars like Martin Scorsese, Rob Lowe, and Dennis Quaid.


👙 NETFLIX: How Netflix is using ‘Too Hot To Handle’ games to build its reality TV audience, via Los Angeles Times.

🇨🇦 CANADA: Rogers Communications signs content deals with NBCUniversal + Warner Bros Discovery to stream content in Canada, via Reuters.

👟 ZENDAYA COLLAB: Zendaya links with buzzy sneaker brand On for cinematic ad and creative role, via AdWeek.

🍿 WEEKLY STREAMERS: Seven top new shows to stream this week on Netflix, HBO Max, TV + more (June 10 - 16), via Tom’s Guide


🧢 DODGERS 15, RANGERS 5: The Dodgers smashed their way to a 15-2 victory over the reigning World Series champions, the Texas Rangers, last night. The highlight of the game was an explosive seven-run sixth inning, featuring homers from Shohei Ohtani, Freddie Freeman, Teoscar Hernández, and Jason Heyward. Ohtani’s 16th homer of the season, a 433-foot blast, kicked off the frenzy, with Freeman, Hernández, and Heyward following suit in a rare display of back-to-back-to-back-to-back dingers. Will Smith also shined with a three-run homer in the first inning, setting the tone early. James Paxton delivered a strong performance, allowing just one run over six innings. Rangers’ starter Dane Dunning struggled, and the bullpen couldn't contain the Dodgers' relentless offense. | The Dodgers play game two in the series against the Texas Rangers at home tonight, 7:10pm.

⚾️ ANGELS 9, DIAMONDBACKS 4: Randal Grichuk's two-run homer headlined a three-hit night, as the Arizona Diamondbacks surged past the Angels 9-4 yesterday. Grichuk, just a single shy of the cycle, and Corbin Carroll, a homer short of the same feat, led a potent Arizona offense. Gabriel Moreno added two doubles and two RBIs. The D-backs, showing situational and timely hitting, got the scoring started with Carroll's RBI triple. The Angels briefly tied it up in the third, but Grichuk's two-run blast in the fourth put Arizona back on top. José Suarez, making his first start of the season, struggled, while Arizona's Jordan Montgomery delivered a solid performance after recent struggles. Both teams face off again in Arizona tonight with Slade Cecconi and José Soriano set to pitch, 6:40pm.

🐏 RAMS’ NEW TRAINING HUB: The Rams will relocate training camp to Woodland Hills this summer, closer to SoFi Stadium and downtown LA, occupying more temporary buildings until owner Stan Kroenke constructs a permanent facility. The relocation comes after being at their Thousand Oaks training complex for the past eight years. The new site promises improved conditions, marking a new chapter for the team as they prepare for the upcoming season at Loyola Marymount University.

🎙️ PAUL GEORGE: Clippers + NBA All-Star Paul George is set to make his analyst debut on ESPN's NBA Countdown during the NBA Finals Games 3 and 4, the network announced Monday. George will join the esteemed panel live from Dallas' American Airlines Center, featuring Michael Wilbon, Adrian Wojnarowski, Stephen A. Smith, Bob Myers, and host Malika Andrews. This move hints at a potential media future for George, who already hosts the popular Podcast P with Paul George. Meanwhile, the buzz around his free-agent status grows, with the Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic reportedly eyeing him for their rosters.


🏆️ U.S. OPEN: Complete player field for 124th U.S. Open, first round begins tomorrow at Pinehurst’s #2, via USGA.

🏀 COACHING SEARCH: Lakers resume coaching search after Dan Hurley rejects offer, via Sports Business Journal.

💍 RORY’S MARRIAGE: Rory and wife Erica McIlroy resolve marriage differences and call divorce off, via ESPN.

🏀 WNBA: WNBA draws record ratings and raucous crowds in first month of season, via NBC Sports.

🕹️ MADDEN ‘25: 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey named Madden ‘25 cover athlete, via 49ers Webzone.


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