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  • 🍜 TRADER JOE’S RECALL: I wanted to let you know that I am fine, it was a brief bug! So Wednesday, we go and cease the day! But there are those that might not be feeling well today, and if you have purchased chicken dumplings from Trader Joe’s from December of last year or later, that could be the case: Trader Joe’s is recalling 61,000 pounds of their chicken soup dumpling due to possible contamination with hard plastic.

  • 💪 WE CONTINUE: Thank you for the kind notes as I mentioned the possibility of getting sick on Monday. I think it’s just a bug, but I can handle it because I live in Los Angeles. We all can. I do want to note: there will be no newsletter next Monday for planned personal travels. Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, President Biden + Bush have been trying to get on my calendar. 🤟 x100 - Wyatt





Trader Joe’s is recalling 61,000 pounds of chicken soup dumplings due to hard plastic contamination

Sherman Oaks’ Lenny & Larry's has introduced a new product called FITZELS

Local sports companies named best places to work in sports, including WME Sports and LA Rams

The IRS has expanded its free Direct File system, exclusive to eligible taxpayers in California

OC Restaurant Week 2024 in Orange County is ongoing until this Saturday, March 9th

The 2024 Los Angeles ADDYS Gala will take place tomorrow at the historic AVALON Hollywood venue

AccuWeather experts predict that California have widespread drought conditions at least until the end of 2025

Funko has introduced a new high-end collectible line inspired by Burbank’s Bob's Big Boy

UTA has acquired JUV Consulting, a marketing agency focused on Gen Z

We will probably be on a pip-egg watch with America’s favorite SoCal Bald Eagles, Jackie + Shadow by the time that this publishes 

Burger She Wrote, the very popular burger eat, just opened their third location on Sunday in Venice. Their burgers look absolutely delicious

Bitcoin recently surpassed it’s highest price, breaking just above the $69k mark for a new record

Apple’s new offices in Culver City are taking shape and should be completed by the end of the year

Long Beach could soon be home to its first women's sports bar, fifth one in the country

Musicians are leveraging video games as a platform to release new songs, collaborating with both artists + game companies



  • 🌊 OC RESTAURANT WEEK: OC Restaurant Week 2024 in Orange County is ongoing until this Saturday, March 9th. This annual event celebrates its sixteenth year, offering a delightful dining experience with over 160 restaurants across Orange County. Participating restaurants will provide prix-fixe menus with lunch prices ranging from $15 to $25 and dinner prices from $25 to $45, with some luxury options priced between $60 and $120. The event includes a variety of dining experiences, from family-friendly options to vegetarian menus, catering to different preferences and tastes. Diners can explore a diverse range of cuisines and enjoy special offerings at various restaurants throughout this week.

  • 🥨 FITZELS: Lenny & Larry's has introduced FITZELS, protein-packed pretzels, expanding their product line with a savory protein snack option. This new offering complements the company's existing lineup of high-fiber and protein products that are vegan, free from eggs, dairy, soy, and GMOs. FITZELS currently come in three flavors: Pizza Palooza, Boujie Mustard, and Everything Bagel.📍HQ: Sherman Oaks

  • 🥤 PEPSI, REBOK + SHAQ COLLAB: Pepsi collaborated with Shaquille O'Neal and Reebok to create a unique sneaker that can hold 7.5 ounce Pepsi Mini cans. The custom kicks were transformed by the Shoe Surgeon in here Los Angeles and are an astonishing size 22 to represent Shaq’s shoe size. Holy guacamole, Shaq!

  •  MORE PEPSI: Speaking of Pepsi, the company just released their new logo with a creative global campaign. 📺️ Watch Campaign Video

  • 👨‍🍳 BOB’S BIG BOY COLLECTIBLE: Funko has introduced a new high-end collectible line inspired by Burbank’s Bob's Big Boy, featuring a fiberglass statue of Freddy Funko dressed as Bob's Big Boy. This collectible, priced at $300, is part of the Project Fred series and is a sophisticated addition to any collection. The figure will be available for purchase on the Funko website starting tomorrow.

  • 🎉 VAN LEEUWEN: Last Thursday, I informed us about Van Leeuwen’s tenth SoCal store to be opened in Santa Monica, where Erin Mckenna’s Bakery once stood. And after receiving confirmation from this artisanal ice cream eatery, I can now confirm that the store will open this summer. | 🖥️ View Website | 📸 @vanleeuwenicecream


  • 🍔 VENICE: Burger She Wrote, the very popular burger eat, just opened their third location on Sunday in Venice. Their burgers look absolutely delicious and can give In-N-Out a run for their money. | 🖥️ View Website | 📸 @burgershewrote_

  • 🌮 REDONDO BEACH + WESTCHESTER: Southern California’s own Chronic Tacos is expanding with the opening of two new locations in Redondo Beach and Westchester. The Redondo Beach location recently opened on Saturday, with the Manchester location to be announced prior to that location’s opening this summer. Chronic Tacos is also set to open new locations in metro Atlanta in the near future. | 🖥️ View Menu | 📸 @chronictacos


  • 🥯 LA’S BEST BAGEL: ‘I waited an hour to try LA’s best bagel…and I hate to say it was worth it,’ via TastingTable.

  • 🍗 TASTE OF NEW ORLEANS: Secret Los Angeles gives us a tasty flavor of New Orleans with their in-depth article on Harold and Belle’s restaurant, an eatery that has been serving our Los Angeles Community for over fifty-five years.

  • 🥂 OSCAR PARTY HOSTING: Experts from Wolfgang Puck Catering + Heirloom LA share with us their top tips on how to host our own Oscar party via Los Angeles Magazine.




TOMORROW: Opening Day for Made on Market Street, Beverly Hills

MARCH 22TH: Los Angeles Fashion Week, Union Station

MARCH 11TH: Shine On Pop-Up at Olaplex, The Grove LA

MARCH 26TH:Doughboys at Dynasty Typewriter




[7:30pm] DYING TO LAUGH: A comedy fundraiser for Experience Camps ft: Caitlin Reilly, Chad & JT, Jade Catta-Preta, Irene Tu, Luke Null, Alyssa Limperis, Amy Silverberg, Dan Ahdoot, Blair Socci, Noah Findling, David Brown Dynasty Typewriter

[8:00pm] BEST OF THE STORE Erik Griffin, Ron Funches, Bobby Lee, Zainab Johnson + more The Comedy Store

[8:30pm] HOLLYWOOD’S BIGGEST NIGHT PRESENTS AN HOUR-LONG AWARDS SEASON SPECIAL!: ft: Megan Amram, Dan Leahy, Jesse Esparza, Nic Sheppard, Brittnay Johnston, Mimi von Schack, John Milhiser, Marshall Ross UCB Theatre

[9:00pm] HEADLINERS OF THE OR: Chris Estrada, Ian Edwards, Brent Morin, Eleanor Kerrigan + more! The Comedy Store

[6:30pm] PONCHO SANCHEZ Spaghettini’s Italian Grill & Jazz Club

[7:00pm] GROUPLOVE, BULLY: House of Blues, Anaheim

[7:00pm] CROSSES: Familiar World Tour Hollywood Palladium

[7:00pm] LUKAS NELSON + POTR: The Bellwether

[8:00pm] ANDRÉ 3000 New Blue Sun Live Hollywood Forever Cemetery

[8:00pm] ZHEANI: The Roxy Theatre


  • 🌼 SPRING CLEANING: Looking to get a start on your spring cleaning? Do it the right way with an informative event this evening from 5:00pm - 6:00pm with Guest Speaker Dr. Kathleen Ronald at Kusina Filipina in Glassel Park. Dr. Ronald will be sharing her most requested training: 'Clutternomics: Clear Your Way to Profits, Productivity, and Peace!’ Tickets can be purchased here for $20.

  • 🍻 TONIGHT: Mo’s Place hosts Mo’s Madness, a new elimination-style bar trivia game where we can all compete for glory and prizes. Mo’s Place is located in Playa del Rey.

*Yes, I am working on a new event layout. It’s the most challenging portion of the newsletter. But so worth it for all of us.



  • 🎬️ LOS ANGELES FESTIVAL OF MOVIES: Various ticket packages are now available to purchase for the Los Angeles Festival of Movies, running from April 4th - 7th. The festival showcases a curated collection of high-profile narrative + documentary film premieres, talks with local LA artists, luminaries, and thought leaders; and a party each night, amongst three exciting new venues on the east side of Los Angeles. Tickets can be made here on the festival’s official website.

  • 👧 ALICE IN WONDERLAND: Alice in Wonderland will premiere at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre on April 6th + April 7th at 7:30pm. The event is hosted by Trial Run Productions. Tickets are now available and can be purchased here.

  • 👀 NEW CELEBRITY ACTIVITY: Being in Los Angeles, we have many places to spy on our favorite celebrities. According to SFGate, the newest activity is to go celebrity-watching at a two-story retail complex on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

  • 📣 ROLLING LOUD MUSIC FESTIVAL: The world’s largest hip-hop music festival, Rolling Loud, will return next weekend at Hollywood Park. Over one hundred hip-hop acts across three stages will perform, including Niki Minaj, Post Malone, Natanael Cano, and more. Tickets for this year’s Rolling Loud can be purchased on the festival’s official website.


  • 🎧️ COMFORT OF A PODCAST: Los Angeles Trio Lisa Schurga (Dead to Me), Ariane Price (Modern Family), and Lauren Burns (Jury Duty) provide us all with their funny takes on Hollywood, talk shows, jobs, culture, and relationships on their podcast, Multiple Talking Women. Each member of this podcast trio has different social views within their unlikely friendship, allowing for this uplifting-comedic podcast to be both entertaining and warming (great for cold weather, tbh). The podcast is from the funny vibes of The Groundlings + Stampede Ventures. Episodes include guests like Annie Mumolo, Leonard Robinson, Edi Patterson, Matt Cook, Allison Dunbar and more. Multiple Talking Women is available now and free to stream all on major podcast platforms. 💌 

  • 🐴 GRIFFITH PARK: The Rec & Parks Department will play host to a community meeting today from 5:30pm - 8:30pm at Friendship Auditorium located off of Riverside Drive near Griffith Park. Today’s open house is to discuss the former site of Griffith Park Pony Rides with our feedback as a community on its future use. You can receive more information + RSVP here.

  • 👩‍🦰 CELEBRATING WOMEN IN WEHO: West Hollywood is celebrating Women's History Month with honors and events throughout March. The city is hosting a series of programs and events to recognize and honor the achievements of local women in the community. There are free events, and events that require a ticket with ticket purchases benefiting local, important causes. The celebrations include a variety of activities such as a Sexual Health Ladies' Brunch, a Women and Books book club, awards receptions, and more to honor women's history.

  • 👨‍🌾 FREE COMPOST IN GLENDALE: The City of Glendale, CA will offer free compost to residents this Saturday, March 9th from 8:00am to 12:00pm at Parking Lot 30 off of N. Verdugo Road. Residents are encouraged to bring a sturdy container, shovel, and gloves to collect the compost, which is created from curbside organics recycling. Glendale provides free compost bins for residents of homes and apartments upon request. Additionally, free compost bins are available for teachers in Glendale to use in schools These initiatives aim to promote sustainability and encourage residents to participate in composting practices for environmental benefit.

  • 🏥 NEUROLOGIST RECEIVES HIGH HONORS: Dr. Shafali Spurling Jeste, a neurologist at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has been honored with the prestigious Martha Bridge Denckla Award from the Child Neurology Society. This recognition highlights her significant contributions to research in the field of pediatric neurology.

  • 🥔 FMR MALIBU HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT: A local Malibu High School graduate, Jake Dvorsky, was featured in a Super Bowl commercial this year dressed in a potato costume (can’t make this up) for the brand Pluto TV. Dvorsky, now 27, is a local comedic improv talent and now produces films and a podcast for Wondery. 📺️ Watch Commercial

  • 🛣️ PASADENA: The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority will provide an update on the Freeway Soundwall Project on today from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Those that use the I-210/SR-134 + residents, business owners, and commuters from the City of Pasadena, City of Arcadia and City of Los Angeles are invited to participate. The meeting will be virtual via Zoom with the following link: 🔗 More information for this event can be found on Metro’s Soundwall Package 10 Project event page.

  • 💸 FREE IRS TAX FILING: The IRS has expanded its free Direct File system to all eligible taxpayers in California, allowing us to electronically file our tax returns for free. This online system, specifically aimed for low + moderate-income taxpayers, offers more assistance than the IRS' Free File program and is available only in California.

  • 🚿 DROUGHT-FREE UNTIL 2025: AccuWeather experts predict that California will not experience widespread drought conditions at least until the end of 2025, thanks to the impact of recent epic storms and blizzards.

  • 🌎️ BIG BANG DONATION: Chuck Lorre, the co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, has generously donated $25 million to UCLA for scholarships. This donation will establish the UCLA Chuck Lorre Scholars Program, providing support to students and offering four years of mentoring. Additionally, this gift aims to empower low-income STEM students at UCLA, highlighting Lorre's commitment to education and opportunity. The donation builds on a previous four million-dollar endowment for a UCLA scholarship from the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation, which included contributions from various partners associated with The Big Bang Theory.


  • 🎬️ HOLLYWOOD CENTRAL PROJECT: A new large-scale mixed-use project, the Hollywood Central Project, is in the works in Hollywood. Proposed by J+ J Hollywood, LLC and designed by Studio One Eleven, this development spans across two sites and involves a mix of commercial and residential spaces. The project encompasses four existing buildings that will be retained, with partial demolition for two of them, and the construction of four new buildings. Site 1 will feature three new buildings, while Site 2 will have one new building. This ambitious project aims to revitalize the area and create a vibrant mixed-use community at the heart of Hollywood.

  • 🌴 WEST SUNSET BOULEVARD: The project at 7971-7979 West Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, has received approval for a new seven-story mixed-use building that will offer retail and residential spaces. This development will feature forty-one apartments alongside retail spaces. The apartment units will come within the form of 12 studio units, 20 one-bedroom units, and 9 two-bedroom units. Of these collective units, four will be reserved for those individuals + families in the very low income thresholds. The development will house twenty-nine vehicle parking spaces, and including bicycle stalls for both short-term and long-term rentals.

  • 🍎 APPLE IN CULVER CITY: Apple's new office campus, known as Culver Crossings, is making significant progress in Los Angeles. The project spans across Culver City + Los Angeles, with an estimated completion date in late 2024. The campus will cover a 4.5-acre site at the intersection of Venice and National boulevards. The site will have a duo of contemporary four-and-five story buildings, each of which feature beautiful decks that line up to the upper floors. Apple has also planned for an open space inside with central greenery of a small park. The building will also include production space for Apple’s entertainment sectors in that of Apple TV+, Apple Music and Creative Members. The parking garage will hold more than 1,200 vehicles with Apple incorporating office plans to have large entrances for shuttle pick-up and drop-offs. The friendly fruit company out of Cupertino plans to host more than 3,000 employees by 2026. 🫶 My AAPL Family 👋 

  • 🏨 AC HOTEL PASADENA The AC Hotel by Marriott in Pasadena, has made significant progress over the last six months with wood framing now rising. The hotel, to be located on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, will consist of five-stories with 194 rooms and 5,000 square feet of street-facing retails. Pasadena’s AC Hotel will feature modern amenities, including a rooftop bar and lounge with mountain views, a bar and cafe, and an event space. The hotel's design incorporates the latest technology, such as Wi-Fi throughout and Radio Frequency ID locks on guest rooms accessible via mobile devices. The hotel has an expected completion date next year, in 2025.


  • 📈 ADDYS GALA: The 2024 Los Angeles ADDYS Gala will take place tomorrow at the historic AVALON Hollywood venue. Cocktails will be served at 6:00pm, award show at 7:00pm, followed by an after-party at 9:00pm. Hosted by the American Advertising Federation of Los Angeles, this event celebrates advertising excellence and brings together top creative talents in the industry. Tickets are available to the public at $145 and can be purchased online via Eventbrite.

  • ⏪️ SKECHER’S HISTORY: The Los Angeles Daily Breeze takes us behind the scenes as Manhattan Beach’s Skechers started with humble beginnings to now $8bn in annual sales revenue.

  • 🤳 GEN-Z AGENCY ACQUIRED: UTA has acquired JUV Consulting, a marketing agency focused on Gen Z. This acquisition is part of UTA's efforts to expand its marketing division and enhance its ability to connect brands with Gen Z and youth culture. The move also aims to bring brands closer to the Gen Z demographic and strengthen UTA's position in the marketing services sector.
    📍UTA: Beverly Hills




  • 🎟️ PRIORITY TICKETS FOR AGT: Our friends over at NBC Universal have granted us with priority tickets for America’s Got Talent, free to good homes. These tickets are for AGT (Season 19) showings in Pasadena for the following date ranges: next Saturday, March 16th - Saturday, March 26th. If you have any problems registering, please respond to this email or email me and I’ll lend a hand. Here’s the ticket link for AGT priority tickets.

  • 📺️ ALEX RIDER ON FREEVEE: Amazon Freevee released their official trailer for the third-season of the hit spy-thriller, Alex Ridler, yesterday. The new season will bring Alex’s journey of self-discovery to a shocking conclusion. All eight new episodes of season three will be available to stream April 5th on Freevee. 📺️ Watch Trailer 💌 

  • 🍎 APPLE TV+: Apple TV+ has added more than fifty licensed movies that are now available to stream on the Apple TV+ platform for a limited time. Movies include Jurassic World, Titanic, Kill Bill, Mad Max, Fury Road, Mean Girls and more.

  • 👮 DICK WOLF: Dick Wolf, the creator of Law & Order, is developing two new true-crime docuseries for Netflix: ‘Homicide New York’ and ‘Homicide: Los Angeles.’ Homicide New York debuts on Netflix soon, March 20th, with Homicide: Los Angeles to debut at a later time this year.

  • 👻 KIM KARDASHIAN: Amazon MGM Studios won the rights in a competitive bid for an untitled thriller project, starring and produced by Kim Kardashian. The plot details originate from an original idea by Natalie Krinsky who will write the project’s script.

  • 🎸 LENNY KRAVITZ GETS A STAR: Lenny Kravitz will be honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame’s 2,774th star next Tuesday, March 12th. Guest speakers for the event will include his daughter, actress and model Zoë Kravitz and Denzel Washington, amongst others.

  • 💃 TAYLOR SWIFT: Disney+ has released a trailer for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film, with many of the shots from the film taking place in Inglewood at SoFi Stadium. According to Puck News, Disney acquired the streaming rights to the Eras Tour film for around $75 million. Watch the trailer below:


  • ❤️ IHEART RADIO MUSIC AWARDS: The 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards will take place at the Dolby Theatre on April 1st with FOX to broadcast. This year’s music awards will feature performances by artists such as Justin Timberlake, Green Day, TLC, Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson, Tate McRae, and more. Cher will be honored with the 2024 iHeartRadio Icon Award for her significant contributions to music and pop culture spanning over seven decades.

  • 🖼️ TOURS AT THE ACADEMY MUSEUM: Now might be the perfect time to visit the Academy Museum as three popular exhibits are on display: Stories of Cinema, Director’s Inspiration: Agnés Varda, and The Art of Moviemaking: THE GODFATHER. The Academy will also play host to an Oscars night watch party.

  • 🎞️ FILM SCHOOL ALUMNI OSCAR SHINE: Alumni from The Los Angeles Film School are shining with twenty-eight Oscar nominations across seven films. The alumni include: Alec Nickel (2014) for Killers of the Flower Moon, Dana Morris (2004) for Barbie, Merhnaz Mohabti (2014), Christian Lainez (2009) and Justin Garcia (2009) for American Fiction, Nathan Runyan (2022) for Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, Lorin Fleming (2003) Brittany Hites (2003) and Alyssa Ulrich (2019) for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Philip Bladh (2008) for Flamin’ Hot, and Daniel McNamara (2020) for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. 🔗 Press Release

  • 🥳 OSCARS WATCH PARTIES: Oscars 2024: The Ultimate Party Guide with Zendaya, Beyoncé, Madonna and more via Variety.

  • 🟥 RED CARPET EVENTS: Oscars: The complete guide to red carpet events + parties (live updates), via The Hollywood Reporter.




  • 👭 WOMEN’S SPORTS BAR: Long Beach could soon be home to its first women's sports bar, thanks to the efforts of Jackie Diener and Megan Eddy, aiming to establish the fifth women's sports bar in the county. While the specific location of this new establishment has not yet been provided, this is an exciting time for women’s sports.

  • ⚽️ ANGEL CITY FC GRANTS: Angel City FC has collaborated with IFundWomen to offer ten founders $10,000 each in small business grants. The grant program aims to support entrepreneurs and provide funding for their businesses. The initiative is part of Angel City FC's efforts to empower female and gender-diverse entrepreneurs through the Player 22 Small Business Grant Program.

  • 💼 BEST PLACES TO WORK IN SPORTS: Sports Business Journal has released a list of the seventy-five best places to work in the realms of sports. Nine of these seventy-five companies are located here within Southern California including WME Sports and the Los Angeles Rams.

  • ⛳️ CELEBRITY INVESTORS: LeBron James, Drake, and Chris Pratt, along with other notable figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lindsey Vonn, have made strategic investments in the PGA Tour. Their collective influx of funds are for PGA Tour Enterprises, the tour’s new-for-profit entity.



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